Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Welcome to this first post of our family blog!!
Each year, it has become harder and harder to fit our family happenings in a half sheet of paper.
The kids are growing and learning, finding how their personalities fit within our family. 

Trust me! There is never a dull moment. 
Take, for instance, our family dinner conversation about Chloe's science class.

Mommy, guess what?! We are talking about solid, gas, and liquid in class!! 
That's sounds like fun, Chloe!
What is an example of a solid?
This plate! 
Good Job!! 
(Michael interjects excitedly!!)
Farts are gas!!! 
(As we all laugh... the revelations continue!)
AND... poop is a solid! Wow!
(By this point, we are laughing so hard we can hardly speak.)
Pee is a liquid!!

Yep. There are 3 boys in this family of 5. And it all goes back to what boys find funny. :)
Even the girls in this family find it hard to keep a straight face!! 

:) I'm so thankful for our little family!